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About us

GITONE Kvarner was founded in 2019 with the desire to expand and invest in various business segments in Croatia, with a primary focus on providing tourist and hotel services of the highest level of quality.

The company is the focal point of a group of companies operating in Southeast and Central Europe, combining the acquired knowledge and long tradition of excellence of the group members in the challenging markets of Germany and Austria and the benefits and experience built through business in the local climate of Croatia. Among the mentioned members of the group in the Republic of Croatia, Liburnia Riviera Hotels d.d. as one of the leading hotel companies in the Kvarner, Istria and the Republic of Croatia with its center in Opatija, an exclusive and historically significant destination with a long and renowned tradition.

Gitone Kvarner d.o.o. has exceptional “know-how” potential, strong management capacity that ensures the highest standards of investment and implementation and stable sources of funding, all in order to implement various development initiatives that will strongly position the company in the Croatian and European markets.

In synergy with the hotel industry, as the primary activity, the company has developed additional activities in the field of real estate management and operations, as well as the provision of various tourist services.

Values & Mission

Thanks to the values it nurtures such as innovation, investment in human resources, long-term sustainable business and the fusion of traditional business understanding with new technologies, the company’s mission is to contribute to creating a desirable regional and international destination, ideal not only for vacation and recreation, but also strategically important for business, nautical, health and congress tourism, striving to maintain the ecological balance that is an integral part of the attractiveness of this area and a key component of the company’s business.

Innovative and comprehensive approach and the ability to adapt to a dynamic market in challenging times, have enabled development that brings the company closer to achieving its long-term mission or ultimate goal – to become one of the recognizable not only Croatian but also regional factors in tourism and hospitality in Central and Southeast Europe.



Johannes Böck

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